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Trainee Programme

Program for young graduates, top performers with high potential, in order to recruit and develop the best talents for SEAT to face the strategic challenges in the future.

Divided in 2 modalities, both internationally focused.

Cross Trainee: addressed to global profiles and aimed to acquire global and strategic overview of SEAT and establish networking within SEAT and the VW Group.

Mission of Non-technical Areas in SEAT (Cross Trainee positions):

HR: Coordinate the activities of its dependencies, guaranteeing an effective application of the company's Human Resources Policy, as well as supervising the policy in the companies of the SEAT Group.

Sales & Marketing: Ensure and implement the policies and the appropriate commercial and internationalization strategy within the network, based on the approved guidelines and the representation studies.

Procurement: Ensure the Business Plan set by the VW Group by carrying out control of costs, investments, deadlines and capacities of suppliers, detecting risks and opportunities well in advance, to facilitate the achievement of the objectives.

Finance, IT & Organization: Monitor the investment plan, as well as supervise the planning of expenses budgets and SEAT cost forecasts, controlling and analyzing their possible deviations. Ensure the strategic definition and embedding of the IT within SEAT S.A. organization.

Presidency: Ensure the quality and availability necessary for decision making, within the deadline, technology, costs, investments and markets in relation to the product, through the timely direction and control of the projects, ensuring the process of launching new products.

Mission of Technical Areas in SEAT (Cross Trainee positions):

R&D: Guarantee the development services of new models and / or components within the technical, economic, time, quality and strategic objectives of the SEAT brand and the rest of the Group's brands.

Production: Direct and coordinate the productive activities of SEAT and ensure the achievement of the objectives in terms of quality, quantity, diversity, costs and expected deadlines, ensuring the efficient use of available resources.

Quality: (included in Presidency Area) Ensure and coordinate the activities of its dependencies guaranteeing the effective execution of the Quality Policy of the company.

Digital Trainee: addressed to STEM profiles and focused on the digital transformation of the Company.

Digital Trainee projects:

[ Business Development.PDF ]

[ Digital Dealer Transformation.PDF ]

[ Digital Smart Factory.PDF ]

[ Digital Smart Quality.PDF ]

[ Software Development.PDF ]

 What do we offer?

12 month period program

Rotation plan among different areas of the company

International assignment within the VW Group

Stays in the Assembly line, Dealer, etc.


Feedback and continuous evaluation


Young graduates (Master valuable)

Languages: command of English required. German or other languages, valuable according destination area. Intermediate level of Spanish for foreigners

Outstanding academic results

Less than 5 years graduated