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Saloon cars – a SEAT speciality.

Saloon cars have always been an area in which we’ve specialised in. Just have a look at the SEAT Toledo sedan car – a car with style and build quality that take the classic saloon and make it iconic.

Looking back through the history of SEAT and our cars, we can see other huge sedan/saloon car successes that have enjoyed their time in the spotlight too, from the SEAT Málaga in the 1980s, to the SEAT Exeo, which only stopped being produced in 2013. 

Saloon cars, also known as sedan cars, is a car type that is designed in a three-box configuration. This means that the areas of the car are built up of separate compartments for the engine, the passengers, and the boot space for cargo. The central B-pillar of the saloon car supports the roof, which is apart from the boot.

Typically, saloon cars come in either two-door or four-door variants, with the two-door versions having much longer doors than the four-door sedan cars.

Discover our SEAT Toledo saloon sedan car here.

SEAT Toledo – the iconic sedan

The beautiful SEAT Toledo is a saloon car unlike any other – a work of art from the ground up. With striking dynamic lines and an interior that is as luxurious as it is practical. It includes multi-media systems with satellite navigation and Bluetooth® and Full LED equips every angle of the SEAT Toledo with the latest in lighting technology.

It is spacious, giving you plenty of room to relax and enough room in the boot to accommodate a family’s cargo. In fact, beauty has never been this brilliant. As a sedan, the SEAT Toledo comes with 550 litres of boot capacity, has a Euro NCAP Safety Rating of 5 stars, and High Beam Assist, which switches from full to dipped beam lights to avoid dazzling other drivers and improving safety conditions on the road for all.

The SEAT Toledo saloon car comes in four different versions – the Toledo Reference, Toledo Style, Toledo Xcellence, and Toledo FR-Line sports car.

Our iconic saloon car is named after the gorgeous city of Toledo, situated just over 70 kilometres south of Madrid. Toledo served as the capital of Spain from the years 542 to 72, as part of the ancient Visigoth kingdom after the fall of the Roman Empire.

The city of Toledo is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Spain, drawing cultural and architectural influences from Christians, Muslims, and Jews throughout its history. The city of Toledo was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986 for its enormously impressive monuments, city walls, and cathedrals, and museums.